Voyage of the Damned

By Mark
Episode Title: Voyage of the Damned

Duration: 71 minutes and 52 seconds

Written by: Russell T Davies

Directed by: James Strong

Transmission Date: 25th December 2007

Ratings: 13.3 million

Synopsis: When disaster hits the titanic, The Doctor uncovers a threat to the human race. Battling alongside aliens, saboteurs and robot angels, can he stop the inferno?

Cast List: The Doctor - David Tennant
Astrid Peth - Kylie Minogue
Bayldon Copper - Clive Swift
Captain Hardaker - Geoffrey Palmer
Morvin Van Hoff - Clive Rowe
Bannakaffalatta - Jimmy Vee
Rickston Slade - Gray O'Brien
Foon Van Hoff - Debbie Chazen
Midshipman Frame - Russell Tovey
Max Capricorn - George Costigan
Chief Steward - Andrew Havill
Engineer - Bruce Lawrence
Wilfred Mott - Bernard Cribbins
Nicholas Witchell - Himself
Singer - Yamit Mamo
Guitarist - Murray Gold
Kitchen Hand — Stefan Davis
Newsreader — Jason Mohammad
Alien Voices — Colin McFarlane and Ewan Bailey
Voice of the Queen — Jessica Martin